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Llithium ion batteries’ advantage

Sources:本站 Date: 2015-12-25 14:23 

1) The lithium ion batteries’ operating

voltage is 3.7V, NiMH batteries only 1.2V which means lithium battery stored

more energy in same volume. In other words, high- energy density lithium -ion

batteries can reduce the size of the battery itself and its related products.

2 ) Higher power density. high power

density means that the same volume size battery can provide a higher  power .

3 ) Faster charging ability. the lithium

ion battery must be charged during stock before discharge , so the charging

process is shorter . it is more convenient for end user to use.

4 ) Up to 1000 cycle life.

5 ) lithium-ion battery add protection

circuit , so the combination of battery cell is more flexible.

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