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    Professional battery research and development team

    With excellent power battery advanced manufacturing process and technology, leading the industry's research and development capabilities, formulating and planning forward-looking new projects, to seize opportunities for customers and gain market share.

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    Quick service response

    The keen and swift customer service feedback system can provide customers with detailed responses to consulting products within 2 hours, provide each customer with better products and services, and create irreplaceable value.

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    Modern, large-scale production and manufacturing capabilities

    With semi-automated, automated production lines and equipment, and dust-free/anti-static air-conditioned workshops, we can provide customers with the ability to quickly process orders for better quality products and ensure punctual shipments.

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    International standardized quality assurance system.

    Excellent quality comes from a complete quality management system, a fully imported ISO9001 quality management system, and an independent safety and reliability testing laboratory to ensure that we provide customers with the best quality products.


Professional in battery R&D,Manufacture and sales over 20years

J&Y Technology Co., Ltd. is a High-Tech manufacturer specialized in the manufacture,research, development and sales of Ni-MH, Lithium-ion,Lithium polymer and Ni-CD rechargeable batteries. It located in Pingxinqing High-Tech Development Zone, the most promising region Huizhou, Guangdong.

J&Y factory passed ISO9001:2008 certificate,all products have UL,CE,CB,ROHS,REACH certificated .The production include high capacity battery,low discharge battery,high power battery,high temperature battery,large temperature battery,all these batteries be used intensively in Consumer electronics,cordless phone,remote controlled toys,household electrical appliances and emergency lights.
J&Y top advantage high power batteries widely used in robots vacuum cleaner,power tools and RC toy&Hobby.

Efficient management system, strong development capabilities,efficient operation of the quality system., Perfect product performance, quick response service system...



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